Engagement, Families, Children, Sports/Action photography based in Mexico, Mo.

I began my journey in photography as a child, posing in family photographs for my grandfather, who was a professional studio and wedding photographer.  I have fond memories of him instructing us to tilt our chin this way, or tilt our head that way.  As an adult and later a baseball mom, I began taking photos of my son's baseball games, I loved getting the action shots and enjoyed sharing the photos with fellow teammates with their parents.  As my children grew, I ventured into their senior portraits.

I really enjoy the time I spend in photography, whether it be capturing a special event or moment, documenting an accomplishment or just immortalizing the beauty of the moment or nature's gift.  I am always excited to get into the images and see what treasures I captured, and it's always fun finding those gems that I didn't even realize were there.